Top 20 Best musically video maker apps for video Editing in 2023

by Sachin

Nowadays videos have become a pivotal part of any Digital marketing strategy. There are many video sharing platforms that allow us to promote our videos. Among all of the YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Snapchat are always busy in attracting and competing for video content creators.

Creating and editing videos is very easy because of a large number of Apps that are available in the Play store. For the sample, below we are sharing the top 20 best musically video maker apps for iOS and Android which many companies and video makers use to make social video content.

Top 20 best musically video maker apps

Top 20 best musically video maker apps for iOS and Android.

1.  Imovie  (iPhone and iPad)

One of the best and top-rated musically video maker app for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to add awesome themes and filters to the videos. You can also add titles, transitions, music and special effects. With a series of templates that includes original soundtracks, it allows you to create trailers in the best style of cinema and movies. It also offers the possibility to record video directly from the app. Available for $ 4.99 for iPhone and iPad.

2.  Pinnacle Studio  (iPhone and iPad)

It is another top musically video maker app for editing videos. It includes many useful tools that allow you to make celeb-quality music videos, add effects and share content on social networks. In addition to the video, you can insert photos and files in audio. It also offers the option to create motion effects, titles and inserts soundtrack effects. This also offers the possibility to record video directly from the app. Available for iPad and iPhone. Its latest version is available at the US $ 9.99.

3.  Vidtrim  (Android)

One of the best video-making app for Android. It allows you to perform basic functions such as trimming, mixing several videos, inserting effects, extracting audio, as well as to share the content easily from the application. It is available for free on Google Play.

4. Magisto  (iOS and Android)

An app available for iOS and Android devices. Basically, it is designed to make video editing extremely easy, it makes the task almost in a matter of a few clicks. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the tool is capable of converting any video or videos into something quite attractive, it can able to remove the segments or sections of the video that can be omitted. Thus, the user can edit their videos in just three steps: Choose the videos you want to edit, select a soundtrack and add a title. Subsequently, from the use of artificial intelligence the application performs the editing work itself. It can be downloaded for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

5.  Cute CUT  (iPhone and iPad)

In addition to the main functionalities of a musical video editor, this app allows you to create and insert drawings on the content. In addition to offering more than 30 drawing tools, it also includes highly customizable transitions and others that come predefined. Like other applications, it allows easy sharing of videos through social networks. Free and available for iOS devices. 

6.  Cinefy  (iPhone and iPad)

A simple and easy to use application. It is especially attractive with more than 100 effects and special animations. The app allows you to make of its effects, the application makes it easy to share and upload videos to different sites and social networks. It is available free for devices

7.  Splice  (iOS and Android devices)

A complete and easy to use tool that includes most of the necessary functionalities to carry out video editing, among them: cut, insert effects, titles, alter speed, transitions, music, sound effects and others. It is a great option that it can be purchased free for iOS devices. For Android devices, however, the application is priced at the US $ 2.99.

8.  Clipper  (iPhone and iPad)

Clipper is a free application for iPad and iPhone. In addition to being very easy to use, it allows you to carry out most of the tasks that can be done in a video editor. It is designed mainly to create content in video format from the photos that users have on their devices and create small videos quickly.

9.  Video Editor Free  (iPhone and iPad)

Free video editor for iOS that has the most basic functionality of a video editor. However, although it is free, it does not stop showing ads that may be annoying for the user. To remove advertising, users must pay the US $ 1.99. In the same way, users can pay extra amounts to add advanced features.

10.  Clips  (iPhone and iPad)

A simple and free editor for iOS devices that includes several basic functionalities of a musical video editor, as well as some interesting effects, among them, the possibility of making speed changes in the video playback. It also makes it easy to share the content generated on other sites.

11.  Androvid  (Android)

It is the tool for Android devices only.     In addition to main functionalities of most music video editors, it allows you to extract music from content, convert files to various formats, make slideshows, and easily share videos on networks such as Facebook or YouTube. Available from US $ 1.99.

12.  Vizzywig  (iPhone and iPad)

In addition to being an advanced tool which can be used by both beginners and professionals, vizzywig deserves several awards and recognition. Besides being very good when editing videos, it also offers extensive features when recording and editing video which make it very interesting to carry out video editing process. It additionally has the capability of making recordings remotely and recording simultaneously up to eight devices connected to WIFI. Available for $ 29.99.

13.  Movie Edit Touch  (Android)

In addition to having the main tasks of any video editor, it can automatically correct the brightness, contrast and color levels of the recordings. Additionally you can add premium features to create special cinematic effects and export videos in high definition. Available for Android.

14.  Slopro  (iOS and Android devices)

It is another top musically video maker app for editing videos. It includes many useful tools that allow you to make celeb-quality music videos, add effects and share content on social networks. Including all the basic functionalities, it gives the possibility to modify their speed in super slow and fast camera. Available for free for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

15.  Wevideo  (iOS and Android devices)

While it is a good application, its free version only allows you to export up to 5 minutes of video per month. By shopping within the app, you can get 30 GB of storage in the cloud and extend the time in exporting videos up to 4 hours. WeVideo is a tool that is characterized for easy to use, in addition it includes a lot of interesting features. Available for iOS and Android devices.

16.  Videolicious  (iPhone and iPad)

Videolicious is more entertaining and easy-to-use application for musically video making. In addition to perform most of the functions that a video editor allows, it also includes features to record and produce content. Available for free for iOS devices.

17.  Lumifi Video Editor  (iPhone and iPad)

It is mainly based on the use of high definition filters to give more attractive appearance for the videos. In addition,it makes you to create fully customized, professional-looking music videos. It is available for iOS devices for free.

18.  VivaVideo  (iOS and Android devices)

It is one of the most popular video applications worldwide with nearly 50 million users and probably one of the best video editor with a large number of features and effects. The most attractive aspects in VivaVideo is the use of lenses which can make beautiful videos. Available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

19.  VideoCollage  (iOS and Android devices)

Interesting tool to create collages from photos and videos. It allows you to add frames and insert some effects and colors with which users can make the content more attractive. For people who are looking for a photo video maker with music, this could be the better option.Available for iOS and Android devices.

20.  VideoShow  (iOS and Android devices)

It is one of the most downloaded video editors, mainly because of its ease of use. It is a very good option especially when it comes to doing the basic tasks when it comes customization this app is very easy to operate. Available for free for iOS and Android devices.


The creation of video is no longer an excuse. So Now you have the list of top 20 musically video maker apps, go ahead and download one of the app right now and start editing videos,  share it with your followers. If we missed any video maker app with latest features and effects, please share them in the comments!



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